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Nutrition Counseling


The Food Intolerance Test, and food allergy test, is the only test that can determine which foods you are intolerant or allergy to. This test can determine many different common foods that a person may be intolerant or allergy to. When your body is unable to digest food properly or allergy with some food, it will release a few symptoms such as, inflammation which may lead to skin problems, bloating, rheumatoid arthritis and intestinal problems. Once you find what food you are intolerant to, you are more able to prevent symptoms of discomfort due to food intolerance and are more cautious about your food choices which make a big difference when you’re aiming to achieving optimal health. 


Food allergy (FA) is one of the most common allergic disorders in the pediatric age, and it has been considered as a global health problem, particularly in industrialized world. During the last two decades, studies have suggested that the epidemiology of FA has shown a dramatic increase in the prevalence, severity of clinical manifestations and risk of persistence into later ages, leading to an increase in medical visits, hospital admissions, treatments, burden of care on families, and economic impact, with an increase of costs for the families and healthcare system. According to the most recent epidemiological data, time trend analysis showed up to a 7-fold increase in hospital admissions for food severe allergic reactions in children in the UK, USA, Italy and Australia over the last 10 years. More than 170 foods have been identified as triggers of FA, such as tree nuts, eggs, peanuts, fish, shellfish, milk, wheat, soy, and seeds, with national and geographical variations concerning the most common FA.


Accoding to test reports , Our nutritionists will be able to assess and reduce the risks of food allergy and intolerance during your children growth and more important to avoid present or future diet-related illnesses

  • Insurance receipts are available for refund purposes. We can directly bill to most insurance companies on your behalf. 

  • Our nutritionists use easy to understand and personalized teaching material which are tailored to your needs and objectives.

  • Personalized meal plan tailored just for you


Most Insurance Companies will cover your cost. Take an action right away!

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