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Chronic Diseases


Hypertension or high blood pressure is a condition when there is a higher than normal force of blood pressed against artery walls. Categories of blood pressure defined by American Heart Association are listed below.

blood pressure readings chart

Why do I need to control my blood pressure?

People with uncontrolled high blood pressure have a higher risk of cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) such as stroke, heart attack, angina and heart failure or other health-related conditions. According to the World Health Organization, an estimated 17.9 million deaths are related to CVDs in 2016, which equals to 31% of total global mortality. 

What can I do to control my high blood pressure?
  • Eat more fruits and vegetables

  • Eat less salt(sodium)

  • Adapt the DASH diet

  • Moderate alcohol drinking

  • Become more physically active

  • Maintain a healthy weight  

  • Quit smoking

  • Manage your stress

  • Consult with your dietitian to learn more

Most Insurance Companies will cover your cost. Take an action right away!

  • Insurance receipts are available for refund purposes. 

  • Our nutritionists use easy to understand and personalized teaching material which are tailored to your needs and objectives.

  • Personalized meal plan tailored just for you

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